Business administration


The Profession

Our dual course of study in business administration (BWL) combines the strengths of studying at the established Bremen University of Applied Sciences with the advantages of training at a leading global raw materials company. In seven semesters, you will learn the basics of business administration as well as specific knowledge in theory and practice. The in-company training takes place at Glencore Nordenham. There you will get to know the areas of purchasing, sales, finance and accounting, controlling and human resources management, among others. You will gain an intensive insight into the complex processes of our company. Experienced specialists will prepare you for the demands of your job. You will actively participate in day-to-day business and also take on project tasks.


We expect you to have completed your general university entrance qualification with good grades in mathematics, German, English and, if applicable, economics. A great willingness to learn and work independently are among your strengths. An interest in economic issues and contexts, analytical thinking, the ability to organise yourself, the ability to work in a team, strong communication skills and flexibility round off your profile.

What we offer

The dual study programme in business administration at Glencore Nordenham opens up the best prospects for you at a major company in the industrial sector. What we offer:

  • A course of study that puts you in the foreground.
  • Varied tasks and projects, linking theory and practice
  • A wide range of deployment and development opportunities
  • Personal contact persons during the apprenticeship
  • Additional training as an industrial clerk including IHK qualification
  • Flexible working hours
  • 30 days holiday per year
  • Attractive remuneration, a company pension scheme, vacation and Christmas bonuses and other one-off payments under the collective agreement, as well as retirement benefits

Course of study

  • Business Administration I
  • Business Mathematics
  • Economics I
  • External accounting
  • Business English I
  • Business Adminstration II
  • Business Statistics
  • Economics II
  • Internal accounting
  • Business English II
  • Business Administration III
  • Business Administration IV
  • Business Informatics
  • Taxes
  • Business Law I
  • Business administration V
  • Business administration VI
  • Dimensions of Business
  • Scientific work
  • Business Law II
  • Preparation of the intensive practical phase
  • Intensive practical phase
  • Follow-up of the intensive practical phase
  • Focus A and B
  • Bachelor project
  • Bachelor thesis