Corporate culture

The Nordenham zinc smelter is the only zinc smelter in Germany. Nordenham Metall GmbH is a key metal recycling company in Europe with a focus on lead. Together we are Glencore Nordenham.    

We strive to maintain a positive work environment, protecting and improving the wellbeing of our people and communities. We attach great importance to an appropriate work-life balance and pay according to the IG Metall collective agreement.  

As a subsidiary of Glencore, we have the power of an international company - and yet we have deep regional roots.

Our management competencies

We are implementing measures to ensure that we remain an attractive employer and keep our finger on the pulse.  These include, for example, good and open communication in the departments, home office / mobile working where possible, and the continuous improvement of our occupational safety standards.

In addition, we have clear expectations of the management style of our supervisors and subject them to regular assessment.  

We are working hard to achieve these goals. Here you can find more examples.

We develop good employees with potential according to their skills and goals.  We identify talents and prepare them in a structured way for future tasks. We set clear expectations and support our managers in meeting them.

Every employee deserves regular feedback and the opportunity to express their thoughts.

Our managers lead by example. They communicate openly and take responsibility for their decisions. They focus on the essentials and learn from setbacks.

The behavior of our managers is determined by fairness and respect. They always have their employees' satisfaction in mind, discover their potential and stand up for their safety.

Our management does not hide behind its desk, but has an open ear for all employees. We are present on site, seek dialogue and attach importance to direct exchange.