Safety is one of our Values and we prioritise protecting the health and wellbeing of all of our people. Our goal is continuous improvement in the prevention of occupational disease and injuries and the creation of a workplace free from fatalities.

Our SafeWork approach is risk-based and focuses on preventing fatalities and serious injuries by identifying hazards that can lead to fatal incidents and developing life-saving behaviors and protocols to avoid them.

SAFEWORK is very important to us.

SafeWork aims to equip everyone in our organization with the knowledge and tools to perform any task safely; the core message is that every individual has the authority to stop unsafe work.

Our approach

Our goal is to create a workplace free from fatalities and serious injuries, while protecting and improving the wellbeing of our people and communities.

Risk reduction is at the heart of our safety management approach. We seek to achieve this through our SafeWork initiative.

Our leaders at all levels of the company are responsible for identifying and managing risks to create and maintain safe work environments and protect our employees.

More information on SafeWork can be found on the global Glencore site (ENG).